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My customers represent a wide-ranging universe of information users and producers. This has resulted in the holistic character of my research and consulting, which ranges from contracts with the National Science Foundation to examine the long range consequences and societal impacts of emerging printing technology, to measuring the cost of telecommunications relay towers between oil rigs for GTE Telenet. My work encompasses a wide swath of printing issues, from investigating and predicting the broad societal impacts of printing to innovations in printing technology.

While not a practicing lawyer, I have completed selected courses at The George Washington University Law School and have put this training to use as a consultant on technology policy for the U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Congressional Joint Committee on Printing, U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to name a few.

For the printing industry itself, I have developed new imaging measurement tools for digital printing processes, described in the Inventions section. My inventions for automating the printing production workflow have been applied on every modern printing plant worldwide and are embodied in the standards for receiving and managing printing. In-plant and commercial printing customers include Rite-Aid, Pearl Pressman Liberty and Strine Printing, to name a few.

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