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Imaging Device Measurement and Grading System

I and my partners, Dr. Peter Dundas and Dr. Peter Crean, have invented a new way to measure the acceptability of images and printing equipment. Application of familiar school type “A, B, C” grading scale enables non-specialists to understand technically complex image assessments very easily and quickly.

Patent pending, the new measurement system grades and scores images and output across printing presses, printers, proofers, wide-format, photographic and other types of image recording devices. Its detailed technical measurements allow objective comparisons of the output of different presses. The new mathematical algorithms and processes measure and report the “acceptance of an image” and do not just measure the imagery.  Equipment vendors, printing companies, and their customers all can communicate in a new way.

Dr. Dundas, Dr. Crean and I have launched Image Test Labs – ITL, a divsion of Technology Watch, LLC to deliver and continue developing this breakthrough image measurement system. For more information, go to www.imagetestlabs.com.

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