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My work with Kodak has been ongoing for decades. It includes the development of a very large scale defense printing networks bid by Kodak’s Government System Division for the U.S. Department of Defense. A 600 location defense installation, the project is largest digital printing system in the world. I teamed Kodak with EDS, and together they won the contract.

I consulted with Kodak on developing the VIDIGE Video Digital Image system that in 1985 transmitted still pictures between Washington, D.C. and Rochester, NY over standard telephone lines. This system was used for monitoring defenses contracts and eliminated the need for contract oversight travel between Washington and Rochester. It was also Kodak’s very first telephony based picture transmission system. My work with AT&T Bell Labs and the Rolm Corporation produced the first simultaneous voice and data network for a private corporation. Kodak installed this network in its Washington, D.C. Government Systems headquarters.

I have conducted seminars for Kodak management on emerging technologies; helped design experiments using LED exposure arrays in Kodak Ektaprint copiers, converting them into early digital presses; tested Kodak desktop publishing systems; and worked with the Kodak NexPress and emerging inkjet technologies.

Click here to see how I matched NexPress to offset printing. From 2000-2003 I provided over 1,100 hours of consulting defining Kodak’s Offset Class digital portfolio, testing and matching presses to offset printing and publishing.  Click here to see how I started with Kodak.

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