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Resometer Invention


While working with a major digital press manufacturer I noticed that the reported resolution of their digital presses did not seem to match that of the printed sheet.  In a room that included several of the company’s engineers and scientists a debate ensued ending with disagreement on what the print resolution was. So to prove my point I had to create a measurement tool that showed whether or not the vendor’s claims were accurate.

The new tool needed to demonstrate on a printed substrate the true delivered resolution of the imaging system. In this way the ResometerTM was born – a classic case of necessity being the mother of invention. The Resometer ( coined from the phrase “resolution meter” ) demonstrates actual printed resolution on the substrate as opposed to what the digital front end to the press reports it as.

Today, digital press, photographic imaging and front end manufacturers use the Resometer. In addition commercial, in-plant, photographic and government facilities use the Resometer to measure, verify and adjust their equipment for optimum imaging results. Nearly every major digital press manufacturer, digital front end and RIP manufacturer uses the Resometer on a daily basis.

Click on arrow to see a short video on the resometer.          Click here for a detailed view of the resometer.


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