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The Future of Print

by Henry Freedman
HDTV inkjet printed flexible display

HDTV inkjet printed flexible display

Print Endures

Printing has always brought change. And now the printing industry itself is changing faster and faster. Small innovators and large multinational corporations are developing more new technologies for printing images than ever before. Not bad for an industry that is supposed to be replaced by something that will never be able to replace it – electronic information.

You see, a little thing called physics enters the picture. Printed information does not need a power supply to present its message to people. Printing uses existing light energy to communicate, nothing greener. Printed material can be large, such as highway advertising signs, exceeding the size of electronic displays. The clincher is that the most economical way to make electronic displays is to print them!       Click here to learn about printing electronic displays.

Printing can be easily marked on. It can be folded to a compact size and reopened. It is the packaging for the orange juice on your breakfast table. It can clean your windshield, help you light a fire, and provide utility for many thousands of free secondary uses of print.      Click here to learn more about the Future of Production Printing.