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When Jack Goldman, Xerox Chief Scientist, discovered my National Science Foundation sponsored work in Washington, D.C. “You are doing what we plan as our future,” he said, inviting me to present my work to Xerox corporate officers in Stamford, Connecticut. Goldman then introduced me to Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), leading to a relationship of over three decades during which I advised Xerox on strategic planning, research and development, product testing, and field installations, and gave many training sessions and technology demonstrations.

In 1978, in conjunction with Xerox PARC, I produced the demonstration output (in Times Roman typeface) for the new Xerox 9700 black-and-white digital press for the product launch at the New York Coliseum. During the show, Jackie Eagle, the Xerox Monk (the company mascot) blessed my pages as the digital printing era was born.   Click here to see the blessed page.

My projects for Xerox include:

      • Oversight of development of a jeep sized color electronic press for printing battlefield maps for the Department of Defense (DoD), developed at Xerox ElectroOptical Systems (XEOS), Pasadena, CA. Click here for more information.
      • Contributions to a laser diode direct Computer to Plate (CTP) exposure system conceptual design for Xerox Spectra Diode Laboratories.
      • Contributions to custom systems for the Department of State, Library of Congress, and DoD, developed with the Xerox Special Information Systems (XSIS).
      • Installed first color laser-based electronic printing system at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DoE).
      • Helped develop plain paper typesetting and proofing system for U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) in compliance with Congressional order.   Click here for more about this.
      • Developed the first color production print runs comparing digital color Xerography directly with offset lithography. Click here for more information.
      • Consulted on emerging digital color press offerings and provide strategic planning for Xerox coropate officers.
      • Developed image quality measurement and color matching productivity tests.
      • Continuing work, teaching publishing about, testing and innovating with Xerox.



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