Accomplishments of Kodak Prosper Inkjet Printing

Table of Contents

  • Kodak’s Sustained Impact on Inkjet Book Printing
  • Under the Hood of the Prosper 1000
  • Two Engineering Approaches to Implementing Inkjet on Press
  • Getting Real: The New Definition of “High Speed”
  • Truth in Actual Performance – Not Advertising
  • How Does Kodak Do It?
  • Inkjet Mechanism Analogy
  • Kodak Stream Ink Jet Engine
  • Kodak Prosper Inkjet Inks
  • Nanoparticle Ink-Kodak’s Micromedia Milling Secret
  • Kodak Reduces Humectants, Reduces Cost, Reduces Sensitivity to Area Coverage and Achieves Better Printing
  • Concluding Points on Ink
  • Kodak Prosper vs. HP T Line of Inkjet Presses
  • Opposites with Attractive Printing
  • Examples of Opposites
  • Common Elements – Both Print on Paper in Same Market
  • Kodak 5000XL and HP T400: Dot Structure Assessment Image Comparison
  • Attributes of Higher Quality Printed Images
  • Inject Dot Morphology Comparison
  • Included – Printed Kodak Prosper Image Quality Demonstration
  • Kodak’s Three Level Inkjet Paper Program
  • Solution 1: Print on Selected
  • Solution 2: Work with paper Manufacturers to Engineer Papers for Kodak Inks and Presses
  • Solution3: Integrate a Pre-coating Subsystem within the Inkjet Press to Adapt to Plain Papers
  • On-Press Pre-coating with the Kodak Image Optimized Station – IOS
  • IOS Coating Mechanism
  • Evaluating an IOS Sample
  • Kodak’s Paper Rating Approach
  • NewPage TrueJet Paper

List of Illustrations and Demonstrations

  • Kodak Prosper 1000 and Prosper 1000 Cutaway Drawing
  • Inkjet Printing Engine Mechanism 1
  • Inkjet Printing Engine Mechanism 2
  • Kodak Stream Ink Jet Engine
  • Color Gamut Plot Demonstrating Kodak 5000XL Exceeds Offset SWOP 3 Color Gamut
  • Conventional vs. Kodak Micromedia Milling Pigment Particle Microphotographs
  • Coated Paper Higher Quality Prosper 5000XL on Gloss Coated Stock Print Demonstration
  • First Tonal Inkjet Photograph Used as Production Art
  • Cutaway Annotated Drawing of Kodak IOS Unit with Drying
  • Photograph of Kodak’s Paper Experimentation System
  • Photograph Wet End of TrueJet Paper Machine Running at 3,000 fpm
  • Table Kodak Five Level Paper Rating Star Assignment Program Description


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