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Technical Papers

Technical Papers provides selected materials from my presentation library. The papers are easy to understand and have practical, every-day applications in today’s printing and publishing world.



by Henry Freedman

The Integration of E-Commerce Enabled Expert Systems for Automated Printing Control Networks in Printing and Publishing


This paper describes the emerging digital integration of the printing requestor with manufacturing operations and shows how expert systems software engineering makes this possible. My work experimenting with the perception of pricing systems response speed between a human interacting with either another human or a machine helps show the impact of time on human perception in the process.

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by Henry Freedman

Accomplishments of Kodak Prosper Inkjet Printing

kodak5000Eastman Kodak Company has released what is arguably the highest quality, fastest and most economical inkjet web printing press to date.  Paper includes in-depth assessment complete with actual print samples, published using Kodak’s Prosper Press. A faceoff between Kodak’s and HP’s T press print quality is included.

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by Henry Freedman

Test Target for Measuring Digital Relief Printing

techpapereliefCombining prepress soft ware and the Kodak NexPress digital press’s fifth imaging unit with dimensional Clear Dry Ink, provides the capability to economically produce commercially accepted relief imagery. This opens significant opportunities for creative designers, using existing off -the-shelf soft ware, to print color relief electrophotographic printing on a range of substrates. A test pattern page is used to explore the capability of dimensional imaging on Kodak NexPress.

Click here for typical process application examples.

by Henry Freedman

Matching Electrophotographic Color Printing to Offset Lithography – Color Measurement Targets Perform Magic

matchedimagesToday dry toner electrophotographic production color printing systems can match the appearance of commercial offset lithography. This paper discusses the benefits of the combination of these two processes, briefly outlines their application and explains how the printed demonstration samples were produced.

Click here to see “Matching Electrophotographic Color Printing to Offset Lithography” paper.

by Henry Freedman

Illustrations in Real World Electronic Publishing

publishing-tech-papers-fenaughty2Information International Inc. (III), was the first company to deliver true all digital fully illustrated production volume page assembly using a cathode ray tube. This breakthrough increased the efficiency of production printing, removing multiple steps and greatly reducing the cost while increasing the speed. III systems went into aerospace in-plant operations, quickly followed by magazine and daily newspaper production plants. III technology generated a newspaper page so quickly that for the first time in history the score of a night baseball game played on the East Coast could appear in print in a newspaper delivered at 6 AM the next day to a subscriber in Pasadena, CA.

Alfred Fenaughty, the President of III, presented an excellent paper at the 1987 World Conference on Electronic Printing and Publishing entitled “Illustrations in Real World Electronic Publishing.” The paper shows how advanced the III technology was for its time.

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